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To Make Your Day Even More Special

Planning your wedding can be a daunting enough task without having to add huge levels of stress about whether your wedding guests will enjoy the celebration as well as the food and drinks. 

And after the wedding ceremony itself, it’s the food that most people will remember the most. 

Here at Kartel, our team of wedding caterers, chefs, and planners have not only created the perfect menu options to suit any kind of wedding. But we’ve also made the entire process as hassle-free as possible to take a lot of the stress out of the big day.

And it all starts with your choice of wedding menu. 


Greatest Selection Of Wedding Catering Menus

No matter what you have planned for your big day, you’ll have the best support from us to come up with the perfect wedding catering menu.  This is not your typical wedding food that guests will enjoy but not remember. This is food and fantastic service that will be the talking point of the day. 

Formal Fine Dining

Many of our wedding catering clients decide to go with the traditional sit-down catering services and a 3-course meal. You can choose from an amazing range of different starters, main courses, and delicious desserts. 
Our fancy catering offer gives you maximum flexibility for different types of delicious food from all around the world.
That means you can make it a truly unique experience by coming up with a menu that you won’t see at every wedding. And when you do things differently, your guests will enjoy the experience that much more. 

Cool Casual Weddings

Every couple’s dream wedding has different ideas, and many of our clients decide to go with a completely casual approach for their wedding celebration. And that doesn’t just have to mean that guests arrive in casual clothing. 

We can create the perfect menu for you that combines grazing tables, buffets, and a sit-down meal with delicious foods. 

It’s often the approach couples take for an engagement party. And when they see how successful and enjoyable the casual style can be, they often follow through in the same way for their wedding. 


Finger Foods And Snacks

One thing couples ask of a wedding caterer is to also provide some snacks and finger foods throughout the day. If your wedding caterers will serve the main meal later in the afternoon or early evening, then providing some snacks during the day is an important option to consider. 

That’s why we have created an extensive range of finger food and canapés that allow your guests to keep their energy levels up for celebrating while also being able to mingle with others. 

You have a selection of incredible food choices that we can set up on platters or a buffet style. 


Evening BBQ

Another regularly requested wedding catering service we offer is an evening spit roast or BBQ. Whether this is your main food catering for the day or just an added surprise for guests to be able to celebrate late into the night, it’s one experience that you won’t forget. 

We work with local suppliers to bring you the most amazing freshly cooked and prepared BBQ food. And when we cook the fresh food at your wedding venue, then the smells will add to the experience as well. 


Special Dietary Requirements

All of our menus use top-quality seasonal produce, and we have designed the menus to make sure that you can cater for wedding guests with all types of dietary requirements. 

We always include gluten-free options, and if you have guests with other allergies or who would like to have vegan or vegetarian options, then we’ll advise you on the best catering options. 

Catering For All Wedding Venues And Themes

As a wedding caterer, we make it our business to provide as much flexibility for all kinds of themes and locations around Melbourne. 

Outdoor Wedding Celebrations

Depending on the time of year, many of our clients will request our outdoor wedding catering services. We have worked with many different wedding planners at all imaginable locations around Melbourne.

The great thing for you is that we simply turn up on the day and get everything set up. From tables and chairs to all the serving equipment and even a bar if you decide to choose from our drinks packages as well.

And when it’s all over, our team will take care of the cleaning up as well.

Indoor Wedding Celebrations

Depending on the time of year, many of our clients will request our outdoor wedding catering services. We have worked with many different wedding planners at all imaginable locations around Melbourne. 

The great thing for you is that we simply turn up on the day and get everything set up. From tables and chairs to all the serving equipment and even a bar if you decide to choose from our drinks packages as well. 

Christmas BBQ Party

Flexibility For All Wedding Reception Styles

Whatever wedding style you have in mind, we can make sure that you get the perfect food and unique drinks service to go with it. Our team has helped put both formal and totally casual wedding theme ideas into reality. 

And if you’re unsure which theme and style you want to go for, then talk to our team to see if our menu choices might influence your decision.

Fabulous Catering For The Entire Day

One thing we try to help our clients with is avoiding having to deal with multiple companies in the hospitality industry. And that includes all the events leading up to your wedding. 

Rather than hire multiple different companies for food and drinks and then trying to get them all to work together, we give you a full choice of options. 

Leading Up To The Big Day

Whether it’s engagement parties or a bridal shower in the weeks before the wedding day, our team can provide you with great choices to feed and refresh your loved ones and friends. 

You can arrange this for completely informal parties at affordable prices, where you just want to make the occasion that bit more special and less stressful. 

Our clients also find this gives them a lot more confidence that their big day will run smoothly when they see our catering company in action beforehand. 

Extensive Wedding Packages

You can choose from a wide range of wedding catering packages that can provide as much as you need to make your guests happy. Our planning team will guide you through all the available packages so that you get a full idea of what’s possible. 

And once you decide on what package will work best for you, our professional service takes care of everything else so that you can take care of all the other things you need to organise. 

Cocktail Reception And Bar Service

You can also include a cocktail catering package for both before and after your main meal. With a personalised drinks menu, we can have a mobile bar services specialist at your venue to keep your guests entertained and offer some amazing cocktails. 

You can also choose from all sorts of other refreshments, and we’ll advise you what will work best with your venue, the time of year, and the food you have chosen for the day. 


Making Your Wedding Day Less Stressful

Through many years of catering for weddings in Melbourne, and with the countless positive feedback from happy couples, we have managed to create a process that makes sure you enjoy a stress-free event. 

Step 1

You contact us and provide details of the wedding date and venue, as well the number of guests and any themes you had in mind.

Step 2

The first thing our talented and organised team will do then is go through all the menu options you have so that you can discuss what would best work for you.

Step 3

Once you have made a choice of different catering options and your preferred menu, our team will work on all the organising and preparation. That can include all the tables and chairs for an outdoor event, as well as any equipment needed.

Step 4

You enjoy preparing for the wedding, knowing that our team will arrive with plenty of time to have everything fully set up to serve your fabulous catering choices. It takes so much stress out of a busy day when you know that you don't have to worry about the catering side of things.

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