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About Us

Kartel has become one of Melbourne’s most notable boutique caterers to the corporate office market over the last 20 years.

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We have crafted an entirely new and exciting catering establishment that will also be a marketplace for all your office & home requirements.

Retail Outlets
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  • 2 Retail Outlets
  • Kantina Kartel – Charcoal BBQ & Cafeteria
  • KAB Kiosk – 525 Lt Collins St
  • Events Spaces @500 Collins
  • Hampers
  • Christmas Orders
  • Spring Racing Packages

Office Catering – Salads Sandwiches Snacks and everything in between – Fresh Gippsland Milk and Fill your Fruit Bowl Up

Event Catering – Training Seminars, Presentations, Cocktail Parties and Conferences

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Great & exciting changes that will make your office & entertainment catering solutions easier. Our commitment is to service you with a quality product efficiently in a Sustainable and Energy Efficient manner. We only use recyclable or compostable  products. All our deliveries arrive in recyclable boxes. When you see us there is no plastic in sight. Boxes Boxes and Boxes. All recyclable. 

Come and enjoy some of the great new changes along with some of the old favourites @Kartel

All of your Catering and Hospitality requirements bundled up together. Call or email one of our dedicated staff for assistance in helping you with workplace catering requirements.

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About Our Building and the owners Vision

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500 Collins is a WELL Core Platinum Certified space. The first existing building in Australia to achieve certification, this verifies that key elements such as the building structure, window locations and glazing, building proportions, the heating, cooling and ventilation system, and water quality are designed for health and will have a positive impact on the tenants, visitors and staff.

500 Collins St WELL Certification

The buildings where we live, work, learn and relax have a profound effect on our health: how we feel, what we eat and how we sleep at night. By examining our surroundings and making key changes, we have the power to cultivate spaces that promote wellness, and support efforts to live healthier, happier, more active lives