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Lunch Catering In Melbourne

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Premium Lunch Catering

One of the most in-demand types of catering we offer these days is delivering lunches for corporate events. The main reason is that in so many situations, having food pre-packed for guests can save a lot of time you’d otherwise spend getting a buffet set up. 

People then have to pick their food, and everyone has to queue, resulting in people eating at different times. 

At many business events, that’s a lot of wasted time, especially when meetings or full-day training sessions run on a very tight schedule. 

And that’s why our individual lunch box catering has become such a great success.


We Deliver Individual Lunch Boxes For
All Types Of Events

In many ways, our lunch boxes have very similar menu items that we offer as part of our finger food and canape catering. But depending on the time of day you’re hosting people, we would advise you to carefully plan what kind of food you include. 

Here are just a few of our catering options.


Our breakfast options include sweet and savory choices, from buns, sandwiches, and pies to mini cakes and protein bars. We can also include fresh fruit salad with nuts and yogurt to offer healthy, delicious, and nutritious choices. 

Convenient Lunch

Our catering team will also prepare an instant hit lunch with delicious sandwiches, wraps, buns, and flatbreads. Whether you want an Asian twist, a traditional Aussie lunch box, or vegan and vegetarian options, our chefs have created the best menu choices for you. 

You can also add some healthy fresh fruit and juice to keep those energy levels up. 


Afternoon Tea

Whether you’re planning special occasions with friends or want to provide refreshments for an all-day corporate meeting, a small lunch box with some afternoon treats is a great way to provide some savory snacks and tasty sweets.

All of the boxes are packaged to keep the food fresh, and with everyone ready to eat at the same time, it’s also a more sociable way to enjoy a break. 


What Kind Of Lunch Box Food Do We Offer?

One reason so many of our customers regularly come back to us is due to the range of fantastic food choices we offer. It means that every time you order a lunch box, you can provide a completely new experience. 

Lunch Box Catering

Sweet And Savory

You have a wide choice of both savory lunch options accompanied by a sweet cake or just some chocolate for a lunchtime energy boost. We can also tailor these to serve as a breakfast option depending on the time of day you’re hosting staff or guests.

Gourmet Sandwiches

Our chefs have created a long menu of different sandwiches, bagels, buns, wraps, and ciabattas. These are very similar to the finger food platters we provide for buffet catering, and they are always a big hit with our customers.

Fresh Fruit

You can also choose from our selection of fresh seasonal fruit to serve your staff and guests some healthy and tasty options.


We can also include refreshments in each package with choices from a simple bottle of water to freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice. And if you’d like us to take care of tea and coffee as well, simply talk to one of our catering team members to find out what other services you can take advantage of.

Our Stress-Free Ordering Process

Many of our clients come back to order lunch box catering from us because it’s the perfect option to give them a hands-off and stress-free experience. It allows them to focus on planning other details of events without having to worry about the food side of things. 

And this is our simple process.

Step 1: Call Our Customer Service Department

Simply pick up the phone and let us know when and where in Melbourne you need our lunch box delivery service. We will then provide you with all the recommended menu options for breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snacks.

Step 2: Choose Your Preferred Lunch Items

You then choose the ideal options to suit your tastes and dietary requirements. We can accommodate everything from gluten-free to non-dairy and vegan, so make sure you let us know when you order.

Step 3: We Freshly Prepare And Deliver To Your Door

On the arranged day and time, our staff will deliver the lunch boxes and any additional refreshments you’ve ordered. Everything will be freshly prepared and packaged to make it a delicious and convenient lunch experience.

Step 4: Enjoy The Food

Because all you have to do is choose the food and open the door for us to deliver it, you get to enjoy the lunch as much as everyone else. There is no stress or hassle in any part of this process.