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Banquet Catering In Melbourne

Impress Your Guests With Premium Boardroom Catering


Banquets are the perfect way to mark an event, whether that’s for a corporate achievement or a family member achieving a major birthday milestone.
As a catering company, we have planned and organised countless private and corporate catering events in Melbourne, and the majority of our clients come back to us for repeat bookings.
The reason for this is that they were all able to experience a service level and variety of food options that made everything easier from start to finish.
Let’s take a look at the types of banquet events we can organise.

What Types Of Banquets Do We Cater For?

Our catering service is available for the greater Melbourne surroundings, and we have worked with many different types of customers for banquet events.

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Office Celebrations

Corporate catering is one of the most common event types we get in Melbourne, and we have worked with companies from all types of industry backgrounds.
Whether it’s a small office summer party or a major banquet event to celebrate a corporate merger, we have the ideal choice of food services.

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Office Birthday Parties

Office birthday parties are a great way to show your team you care about them and more than their work output.  Our event catering team and chefs have hosted many different types office and corporate birthdays in Melbourne with every theme imaginable.
What makes the difference is always the quality and variety of food, and we offer the best of both for your colleagues and managers.

What Are Our Catering Service Options In Melbourne?

One thing that all of our clients in Melbourne appreciate is that we give them maximum flexibility when it comes to our catering menu options and choice of specialty food.
Here are just a few examples of how we can adjust to different events you have in mind.

Formal Or Casual Dining

We can make any banquet menu as formal or casual as you want it to be. And that includes a wide selection of food choices for starters, main courses, and desserts.
You also have the option of giving your guests multiple main course choices to make your event as flexible and memorable as possible

Finger Food and canapes

Finger Food And Canapes

We also find that many of our clients prefer to keep things really casual and offer a variety of finger foods and canapes through sharing platters and buffet-style catering.
This can include a selection of meats, salads, buns, wraps, and dips. Simply talk to our catering team to find out what combinations of food work best from our menu.

Beverage Packages

Beverage Packages

Now, there are certain types of parties where having a great food menu for your guests isn’t quite enough. Whether you just want some minor non-alcoholic refreshments or a full cocktail party, we can make all those arrangements for your events in Melbourne.

Make Your Banquet Planning Less Stressful

We have worked with countless private and public organisations across Melbourne, as well as catering for small and large family events. And all of our customers have appreciated how much time and stress we can save them.

Hassle-Free Ordering Process

All you need to do to get the planning process rolling is contact our customer service team by phone or email. You let us know what kind of event you’re planning, how many guests you expect, where you will host it, and an idea of what kind of a taste or themes you want for the meals.
We then give you a wide range of choices for many different dishes and accompaniments, and our caterers take care of the rest.

Kitchen And Serving Equipment Supplied

Whether you’re entertaining at home, in an office, or at a party venue anywhere in and around Melbourne, our catering services staff will arrive with all the fully prepared food as well as equipment to host the event.
It’s part of our premier service that ensures you need to be involved as little as possible in the execution of functions and parties.

Banquet Event Catering For Small And Large Parties

Our private and corporate catering team has many years of experience providing exceptional dining experiences to parties and businesses of all sizes.
Whether you have a small gathering of 10 guests at your Melbourne home, or you’re planning a major function with a 3-course meal for hundreds of staff, our event caterers will plan and execute every single part to make everybody talk about how much they enjoyed it.