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Corporate Christmas Party Catering In Melbourne

Christmas catering for your businesses end of year function

Christmas event ideas

Whether you’re organising a Christmas party for a large company or small end-of-year celebration in Melbourne for the office, this  time should never be a time for maximum stress and trying to organise every minute detail of a catering menu.

You should be able to enjoy the Christmas celebrations as much as everyone else, and that’s exactly why we offer a Corporate Christmas party catering service that takes all the hassle and stress out of it. It means that you get to enjoy the holiday season and all the parties with your guests.
Here’s what we can offer to make your life easier.


Types Of Christmas Parties We Cater For

Our Christmas party catering team has worked for many corporate and private individual parties in Melbourne, and most of our clients return year after year. 

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Office Christmas Party Catering

The Christmas holiday season is one of our busiest times of the year, and we have successfully dealt with companies of all sizes in the Melbourne CBD and surrounding area. Hosting an office Christmas party can be a great way to celebrate a successful year in business and give your staff a great selection of delicious food. And the best part is that this doesn’t require master skills in party organisation. You simply choose from our great Christmas catering menu selection from spit roast to finger food and 3-course gourmet meals, and then we take care of the rest. Everything arrives on the day, and our wait staff will serve your guests in the most professional way.

ndoor And Outdoor Christmas

Indoor And Outdoor Christmas Catering

The holiday season is also a great time to get all your team together for a Christmas party. It’s an especially great idea when you have a large office, and you can’t get everyone together on Christmas Day.

Our Christmas catering event team will support you to make a great choice of food and then take care of all the work to supply a buffet or sit-down meal.

We can come to your office or event space or any other kind of catering venue in Melbourne, which gives you the greatest flexibility.


Christmas BBQ Party​

One of our most sought-after services is a specially-themed Christmas BBQ. It has become very popular with our customers in Melbourne, and we can arrange everything from a spit roast to a regular sausage and burger Christmas party catering menu.
This is a great choice for any office break up that is thinking about holding their event outdoors at a local park.

Any Party Theme Imaginable

And if you have a particular theme in mind for this year’s Christmas party, then simply talk to one of our customer service staff, and we’ll guide you through what our chefs can put together. Whether you want a large spit roast or a traditional turkey dinner, we can put together a gourmet menu to suit your exact party theme.

Great Choice Of Christmas Catering Menus

Our Christmas party catering services give you the greatest choice and flexibility available in Melbourne. It’s one of the main reasons that so many of our customers keep coming back to us every year. 

Here are just a few things our chefs can arrange for you.

Hot And Cold Menu Choices

We have come up with delicious choices of all your favourite Christmas foods. Whether you want the traditional turkey roast, a gourmet 3-course meal, or a simple buffet-type setup, we can make your event a great hit.
Sometimes, it’s a great idea to have a cold buffet service where everyone can help themselves and mingle with other guests and friends. We can cater for any dining style you want.

Finger Food And Sit Down Meals

Our chefs have also created excellent finger food menu choices with delicious canapes to serve to your guests. These are great accompaniments, and many of our corporate clients add this option to an all-day Christmas event.
Our Christmas party catering staff will even set up all these delicious menu items with a mouthwatering presentation and arrangement.

Special Dietary Requirements

You most certainly don’t want to disappoint any of your guests at a Christmas celebration. And that’s why our chefs have created plenty of menu items that include gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan choices.
This gives you the greatest flexibility to make sure that all of your staff and friends enjoy the party as much as possible.

Hot And Cold Beverages

While some of our customers prefer to make their own arrangements for refreshments, it’s often a great idea to let us take care of all the drinks you want to serve. Our staff have huge experience in planning these Christmas events.
And that means you’ll not just have enough food to keep everyone happy, but you’ll also have enough drinks, teas, and coffee to accompany the catering service.

Take The Stress Out Of Christmas Catering

Most people have enough going on leading up to Christmas Day, and the last thing you want is to face the stress and hassle of arranging food for a private or office party. 

And that’s why we’ve made our catering process as hands-off as possible. 

Step 1: Call Us For A Quote

Christmas is one of our busiest times of the year, so we recommend that you call us well enough in advance. Simply tell us where in Melbourne you’re having the party, how many guests you're expecting, the date and time, and we’ll guide you through the food menu choices.

Step 2: Make Your Final Menu Choice

Pick from our wide range of sit-down meals, spit roast BBQ, and canape menus to suit your budget. We’ll then make all the arrangements to have the food delivered to your party on the day.

Step 3: Meet Our Service Staff Before The Event

On the day of the event, we’ll meet you at the venue in Melbourne and get everything set up in time. You simply give us instructions where you’d like everything set up, and we take care of everything else.

Step 4: Enjoy The Event

From that moment, you’ll be in a position to enjoy the gourmet food with your guests rather than have to worry about whether there’s enough food and how to keep everyone served. And it makes all the difference to such events when the hosts and sponsors of a Christmas celebration enjoy it as much as everyone else.