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Morning & Afternoon Tea Catering In Melbourne

Not quite lunch

Hosting guests for a morning or afternoon tea should be all about providing small snacks and refreshments for everyone to enjoy. And it shouldn’t come with the stress and hassle of having to organise it all by yourself.

Whether you’re hosting a private event at home or you need to bridge the gap between meals at an all-day corporate meeting, our catering team can make the entire process completely hands-off for you.

And that’s why so many of our customers keep coming back for our delicious, efficient, and professional service.
Let me show you what we can cater for.


Types Of Events We Cater For

We’ve had great success with both private and corporate events where we have been able to put smiles on the faces of guests.

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Corporate Meetings

We also regularly offer morning and high tea catering for private events. Whether that’s an afternoon snack package for a wedding celebration, or you just want to have some friends and family over for high tea to celebrate a birthday, christening, or any other kind of life event.
We have fantastic food options that can make your morning or afternoon tea catering as special or informal as you want it to be.
You can have us deliver to your house or a party venue for a bigger celebration, and we’ll tailor your menu to match the celebration.

Private Celebrations

Even if you have your wedding meal already planned out, there’s always room for giving your guests some snacks early or later on the big day. While the sit-down meal should be part of the main catering experience, it’s always great to have some less formal canapes where people can mingle. Our chefs have created great canape menu choices that you’re going to love.

Our Great Selection Of Morning Tea Choices

Another reason so many of our clients come back to have our team take care of other catering needs is that we have the largest selection, variety, and flexibility in Melbourne when it comes to our menu choices. 

Sweet and Savory

You have a full selection of both sweet and savory food choices that our catering service team can combine in any way you’d like. You can also have us give you recommendations for the ideal combination to match the theme and time of day of your event.
All our food is freshly prepared and then presented on a trestle table to give it that luxurious high tea experience.
From small bite-sized sandwiches and sliders to beautifully presented cakes and biscuits, you’ll be able to completely impress and delight your guests.

Gourmet Or Casual

You can choose from a large variety of casual and gourmet snacks and cakes. That means you can make any kind of morning or afternoon tea as formal as you like. 

When you contact our team, they will guide you through the menu options to see what would best suit the people you’ll be hosting.

All Dietary Requirements

We can also make sure that every guest is happy by catering for all kinds of dietary requirements. From gluten-free to vegan and dairy-free, our chefs have created a huge range of menu choices.

This gives you the greatest flexibility to ensure that no person is left out and will always be able to enjoy delicious food.

Hot And Cold Beverages

While a typical high tea will include a choice of hot beverages, there are times of day, night, and even year when you may also want to consider some cold refreshments to go along with your morning or afternoon tea.

Along with the food you order, we can also deliver a wide range of cold drinks. And you can also order herbal teas and decaf coffee to allow for the widest range of choices.