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Canape Catering In Melbourne

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Canapes Melbourne

Canapés and finger food are the ideal catering option for so many types of events. With a nice range of delicious bite-sized food, you can impress your guests while making your event a much more sociable occasion where everyone can easily mingle. 

What our team at Kartel offers is not just amazing food that your guests will rave about but also a completely hands-off service that allows you to plan everything else and enjoy the event as well. 

Let me show you what type of canapé catering in Melbourne we offer. 


What Types Of Events Do We Cater For?

As the leading catering company in Melbourne, we have built up a team of staff that can cater for every possible event that you might have in mind.
No matter how large or small, whether it’s a corporate event with hundreds of guests or a private birthday party with your immediate family, we’ll make sure it’s a day to remember.

Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party Catering

Cocktail parties and canapés are the perfect combinations for any kind of celebration, and we can provide all the food, beverages, and wait staff so that you can enjoy the party just as much as your guests.


Even if you have your wedding meal already planned out, there’s always room for giving your guests some snacks early or later on the big day. While the sit-down meal should be part of the main catering experience, it’s always great to have some less formal canapes where people can mingle. Our chefs have created great canape menu choices that you’re going to love.

Office And Christmas Parties

Most of our catering service clients hire us for all types of office parties. From retirements to major business milestones and Christmas parties, providing some delicious canapes is always going to go down well with company staff.

Birthday Parties

And if you need some party food to mark a big day for a birthday, then why not take all the stress out of it and hire our team to take care of all the catering, serving, and cleaning up. The presentation will be perfect, and with our wide selection of menus, everyone will love the food.

Your Menu Options For Canape Catering

Through the many years of working with many different companies and catering for private parties, we have been able to come up with a very popular menu for canapé catering in Melbourne.
We have the perfect bite-size portions that will appeal to all dietary requirements, from vegan to vegetarian and gluten-free

Finger Food Catering

Finger Food Catering

Canapes are the perfect type of finger food that you can offer at all kinds of parties. The main advantage is that you don’t have the formality of a sit-down dinner. What our customers all love about this approach is that people can choose from our canapé choices and then mingle with others. And because our chefs pay a lot of attention to detail and presentation, the entire spread will impress every single guest.


Great Menu Choices

This is one of the reasons that many of our customers come back to us for repeat bookings. They all appreciate that we have a great choice of many different canapé combinations so that every party and event has its own gourmet food.


Beverage Packages

Along with our gourmet catering package choices, we can also provide a beverage service for both hot and cold drinks and refreshments. We can also advise you on what refreshments will work best with your food choices.

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Special Dietary Requests

We always make sure that the canape spread you choose includes gluten-free food as well. But you might also want to account for guests that require Vegan or vegetarian food, as well as other common allergies.

Hassle-Free Canapé Catering

One thing we offer all of our clients is the same hands-off process that ensures you get a completely hassle-free experience.
No matter what kind of venue you choose in and around Melbourne, we’ll take care of all the organising, and we’ll bring all the equipment needed to make it an event that none of your guests will forget.
And this also means that you get to enjoy it as much as everyone else because you know that our staff will take care of it all. And that even includes the cleaning up after.