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TV And Film Catering In Melbourne

We know how to cast the best meals for your team

Some film set managers say that keeping the cast and production crew happy and at full productivity is about making sure that you keep them well fed.

But managing film and television productions is stressful enough without worrying about possibly the most critical key to success.

And that’s precisely why our team here at Kartel has become the go-to film set catering company in Melbourne. Not only do we understand how to prepare great food, but we also know how to customise our service to your specific needs.


Our Range Of Catering Services

We offer a wide range of TV and film set catering service options that we can tailor to your production needs and unique location.

Breakfast Snacks For Morning Breaks

Some production days and locations only allow for a small window of filming, but that makes a morning break with healthy and energy providing snacks even more critical.

Our film location catering team can ensure that they are on location with plenty of time to get fully set up and provide your cast and film crew with all the snacks and refreshments needed.

From tea and coffee to fresh fruit salads, breakfast platters, and delicious hot food, you can get a menu tailored precisely to what will keep your team happy.

All-Day Catering

Because work hardly ever stops on film and television sets, it’s essential to plan to serve food throughout the day. The service that our team provides in Melbourne is specialised to deal with all types of locations and handling everything from breakfast to lunch and dinner, as well as snacks in between.

We can provide you with different menus that our chefs have carefully planned so that all you need to do is join the queue whenever there’s a short break for food and refreshments.

We ensure everything is freshly prepared and arrives hot and ready to serve so that there are no delays to your day.

Multi-Day Film Location Catering

Our team is often called out to film sets where projects run for several days, weeks, and even months.

And because it’s not always possible to predict how long filming will last, it’s essential to have a catering service that is flexible enough to adjust to changing demands.

Our TV and film location catering team and on-location chefs are always available to advise you on ways to change the menu and provide variety in the service so that your cast and crew don’t start to complain about always having the same food.

Casual Buffet Lunch

Our clients often request a casual buffet of sandwiches, canapés, hot and cold finger food, and some delicious dessert choices. This can be the ideal TV and film location catering setup when there simply isn’t the time or space to give everyone the opportunity of sitting down for meals.

Our catering service team can come up with a varied selection of dishes that are ideal for self-serving. This creates a larger lunchtime window to suit different areas of your crew and cast and not disrupt the filming process.

Green Room Catering For Guests

Our team can also support you for studio TV productions where we can provide a wide range of food and refreshments for your guests, cast, and production crew.

The last thing you want to do is let your guests down by not impressing them in the green room, and our catering team can advise you on how best to do that.
With many years of experience with all types of live and recorded studio sets, we can make sure that our team never gets in the way and always delivers a great experience.

Making Your Life Easier

Our film location catering service is designed to make your life as easy as possible, giving you a hands-off experience where you can focus on the critical things for your TV or film production. 

Simple Ordering Process

You have enough on your mind for TV productions without having to worry about what hot and cold food will be best suited for your location and time of day. That’s why we have created a simple ordering process where you can be fully involved in choosing the menu, or you allow our team to come up with the ideal combination. We have a wide range of pre-planned menus to choose from that will suit your needs best.

Fast Turnaround Times

Our film location catering service is highly flexible to the constantly changing demands of TV and film productions. Whether you need to plan for extra days of filming or there’s a location change, our catering service team can quickly adapt to those requirements. We prepare all the meals off-site and then deliver them to you with a team that sets up all the food and can help with serving and the cleanup after. Simply talk to our team about any unexpected changes you need, and we’ll be happy to make all the necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth catering experience

Catering For Specific Requirements

Whether it’s unique taste buds or specific dietary and allergy requirements, our team can advise you and prepare food for all unique circumstances. And sometimes, you simply don’t know all the nutritional needs ahead of time. That’s where our team can help prepare a menu that is suitable for all different preferences and allergies without having to compensate for the variety or quality of the TV and film location catering.