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Let Kartel Take The Hassle Out Of Your Next Event

Planning a corporate event can often involve a lot of stress when you’re worrying about all the small details of making sure your guests and employees enjoy a memorable day. 

And when you add important clients, vendors, or even visitors from a corporate executive team into the mix, then it becomes even more important to hire the right catering services. 

Here at Kartel, we have created a planning and ordering process that takes the stress out of the catering part of corporate events so that you can focus on the business side of them. 

Let me show you why our clients in Melbourne keep coming back to us. 


Delicious Catering Delivered Directly To You

Whether you need us to cater for staff lunches or a multi-course meal with a finger food buffet, the only way you’ll impress your guests is when the entire catering needs are fully taken care of. That means delivering a great variety of delicious food, serving the food at exactly the right time, and then leaving without a mess left behind. 

Through many years of experience dealing with many businesses of all sizes, we have created a process that makes it as hands-off as possible for our clients. With all the equipment and food catering delivered to your office for the pre-arranged time, all you need to do is pick from our huge menu selection. 

Here are just a few types of events we cater for. 

Special Event Catering

1 - Morning Tea And Breakfast

Morning tea and breakfast delivery is a very popular option for full-day team-building events or boardroom functions. Our professional event catering staff will arrive with plenty of time to get everything set up and to make sure that none of your guests or employees are disappointed.
Our service can also provide hot and cold drinks and a range of refreshments to bridge the time until lunch.

2 - Lunch Catering

Lunch catering events are possibly the most common types our customers hire us for. Our corporate catering can serve small staff lunches or major functions for hundreds of visitors for new office opening ceremonies or major business milestones.
It’s a fantastic way to organise a delicious lunch without having to be involved in all the planning of the catering side of things.

3 - Boardroom Catering

Another type of catering we have specialised in is boardroom event catering. Whether it’s just a few snacks for a morning boardroom meeting, or you need morning snacks, lunch, and afternoon refreshments for an all-day event, our corporate catering service team will supply the perfect food and drinks for your executive business team.

Great Variety Of Menu Options

Our chefs have created a wide selection of catering menus to suit every budget, taste, and dietary requirement. We also have a wide range of pre-planned packages to make it an even easier job for you to pick fresh food choices. 

Hot And Cold Food Choices

All corporate catering events in Melbourne are different, and we can arrange for our delivery service to include both hot and cold finger food.
This makes it a lot easier for you to plan out functions with delicious buffet-style food. 

Sweet And Savory Choices

You can tailor our corporate catering packages as much as you need by choosing from our sweet and savory menus. We offer a wide range of choices from fresh fruit to cakes and bagels to burgers.

Special Dietary Requirements

All of our menu packages allow you to add vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free food choices so that you make sure everyone in the office is looked after. 
All companies we work with have found it very helpful that they have such a wide range of gluten-free breakfast, lunch, and snack choices available.  
But always ask us about any other special dietary requirements that you may need to cover. 

Here’s How Kartel Makes Your Life Easier

Many of our corporate customers deal with us on a regular basis because they have come to rely on our great service that makes planning so much easier for them. Here are the three major benefits you’ll get with our corporate catering services. 

1 - Hassle-Free Ordering Process

We have designed our corporate catering service to be completely hassle-free for you. You simply tell us where and when you’ll need our services, as well as the type of event you are hosting.

We then show you a wide range of food selections, and you simply choose based on what will suit your budget and what you think your guests will enjoy the most.

Then, you just wait until the big day when our professional catering team delivers everything to your door.

2 - Fast Turnaround Times

Sometimes, you can’t plan an event weeks or months in advance. That’s why we have made it our job and responsibility to be able to react to short turn-around times.

Depending on the size of the event and the type of food you want to order, we can arrange office catering deliveries within just a few days.

3 - Catering For Large Groups

Our corporate catering service also allows you to plan for any size event in Melbourne. We can arrange delivery of fresh food even for large groups of employees and guests to celebrate company achievements.

That ability to adjust to all group sizes is exactly what makes businesses and organisations come back to us on a regular basis.