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Milk Delivery In Melbourne

Fresh Milk Delivery in Melbourne

As part of our event and business catering services, we have always been supplying milk in our breakfast and coffee break packages.

And many of our customers have been requesting office essentials like bread, fruit, and milk delivery services. That’s why we have now made it easier than ever for businesses to make sure that they always have a fresh supply of milk.

This means that you don’t have to opt for a full catering option to get a regular supply of milk. And with the widest range of different types of milk available, you can tailor your deliveries exactly to your staff’s requirements.

Fresh Milk

Delivering Fresh Milk To Your Office

There are three main reasons why so many of our customers have jumped on the opportunity to have milk delivered directly to their fridge.

Less Stress And Organising

Making sure that you have enough of the right type of milk at any given time might sound like a simple task. But it probably happens regularly enough that you open the fridge door and the milk has gone off just when you were looking forward to a fresh cup of coffee.

Daily Fresh Milk Delivery

No matter how small or large your business is, we can arrange daily deliveries of precise quantities of different types of milk. That way, you can always avail the farmers milk delivery service, and don’t have to rush out to the nearest shop when stocks run low.

Our service is flexible enough to allow you to adjust how much milk we deliver based on your company’s actual usage patterns.

Fresh Milk Office

Choose Different Types Of Milk

We also give you a choice to buy milk for all types of dietary requirements and preferences. From lactose-free to organic vegan plant milk, we can make sure that no request is left unanswered. 

What Kind Of Milk Do We Offer?

We fully understand that people have specific dietary requirements, and that’s why we make sure that you have a wide range of choices for both dairy and plant-based milk products. Moreover, we also have contacts with local farmers to offer you the best quality farmers milk delivery services at your doorstep.  

It’s the best way to make sure your staff and client’s needs are fully accounted for.

Full Cream Milk

We source full cream milk from local dairy producers. While many people make healthy decisions to switch to low-fat dairy milk, there are still plenty of people who prefer the creamy texture and flavour.

Lite Milk

Providing a low-fat milk choice for employees is a key decision to make in order to offer people on calorie-restricted diets or those who are watching their cholesterol a healthy fresh milk choice.

Lactose-Free Milk

There are many people who struggle to digest dairy products and to accommodate those individual needs, it’s a good idea to provide a lactose-free milk option. This type of milk includes an enzyme that helps to transform lactose into lactase, which is easier to digest.

Plant-Based Milk

We also offer a wide range of plant-based products like soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, and many other milk sources that have become increasingly popular.

Ordering Process for Milk Home Delivery

All of our clients can enjoy the same hassle and stress-free ordering process for home milk delivery as we have for our catering services as well.

Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Call Our Customer Service Department

The first thing you need to do is call our team at 03 9629 9800 and let them know where in Melbourne you’re based and what kind of volume of milk you’ll need. We can also discuss how regularly you would like us to deliver.

Step 2: Choose Your Preferred Milk Selection

We then provide you with a list of all the milk options, from full cream to organic plant-based, and the sizes available. You can then choose the combination that works best for you, and we set a schedule for the deliveries.

Step 3: We Freshly Source And Deliver Daily

We make sure that every milk delivery combination sources products with the best expiry date so that you don’t end up with out-of-date products. We then have our home milk delivery team take care of making sure that you have the right amount at a prearranged time slot.

Step 4: Enjoy The Fresh Milk

Once the milk has been delivered, you simply need to make sure that your fridges are stocked. It’s also a good idea to spend a few weeks monitoring your usage so that you can refine what your recurring delivery contains.

Milk Home Delivery

Call Us Today To Arrange Your First Office Milk Delivery

This latest addition to our catering service options has become a huge success with our clients. You should also be aware that we can combine our milk delivery with bread and fruit delivery as well. 

That gives you all the office essentials that will help to keep your staff and clients happy throughout the day. 

Pick up the phone today and talk to our customer service team on 03 9629 9800 about how quickly we can have you up and running with Melbourne’s most reliable catering services.